Q How long is delivery?
A Average delivery time is 2 weeks or we can expedite
for an additional shipping expense.

Q Do you accept credit cards?
A Yes, MasterCard and Visa.

Q What is the Axe made of?
A Solid bronze, cast as one piece of artwork.

Q Can we have extra engraving placed on the axe?
A Yes, on the blade. (1/4” block letters, $20 per line
and 20 spaces per line.

Q Can you ship to a P.O. Box?
A No, we need a physical address.

Q How much engraving comes with the plaques?
A Three lines and 20 spaces per line. You must fill out
thedesignated area on the order form.

Q Tell me about Custom Axes?
A We need a clean artwork (decal or patch) of your
department’s logo. There are no extra charges for die,
mold or artwork set-up. A minimum order of 3 axes is
required the first time only. It takes approximately
6 weeks to receive your order.